Why You Should Have Never Gotten a Job?

Why You Should Have Never Gotten a Job?

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In life, there are crossroads that you must face. One crossroad, in particular, is your career path. Whether to get that high paying job or start your own business, a decision must be made. But do you really need a job? Here are a few reasons why you should never get a job.

  1. You only get paid when you work

Getting that permanent job and exchanging your time for money may seem like a good idea. There’s only one problem with it. You only get paid when you’re working. So unless you have been thoroughly brainwashed into thinking that’s reasonable and intelligent, you must always benefit from the fruits of your labour. Don’t your plants grow even when you aren’t tending to them?

2. Limited experience

You might take a job to gain experience. But when you get the job, one of the famous sayings that you are greeted with is, “We have been doing it like that for years, don’t change it.” Now, what real experience are you gaining from that? A handicapped one. You gain experience from living, regardless of whether you have a job or not, a job only gives you experience at that job. You can create your own genius because that’s how geniuses are made.

3. You have been institutionalized

Also known as learning how to be a good pet. Look around. Take a real good look. What do you see? Any free-minded human beings? Or caged robots?

How’s your obedience training coming along? Does your master reward your good behavior? Or did you get scolded in front of your colleagues today? Humans are not meant to be in cages.

4. Way too risky

Oh, the famous line, “Having a job brings security”. The myth. Social conditioning is truly amazing. Know anyone who got laid off recently? A permanent worker who never had a blemish on their record, whose job just became redundant? The idea that a job is the most secure way to generate income is just silly. Just think, someone can turn off all your income just by saying two words (“You’re fired”).

5. Loss of freedom

There is a lot that goes into taming a human being into an employee. The human independent will must be broken using policies. Sounds familiar? No? Take a look at your employee manual.   It is filled with nonsensical rules and regulations that lead to the new employee becoming more obedient, fearing discipline from their superiors. For example, that extra earring that is barely visible at the top of your ear. Human Resources commanded you to remove it not so? Just one of the freedoms taken away from you.

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How to Approach A Bumper for Carnival (A Man’s Guide)

How to Approach A Bumper for Carnival (A Man’s Guide)

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Yes, free up time is coming, and waist will be thrown. But you come into town at 4 am to get the jest of J’ouvert, or you just jump in on Carnival Tuesday for the much-anticipated jam session. What do you do? Grab any bumper in front your face? Before you do that, here is a guide for whining this Carnival. Let’s call it “Bubblingolgy”.

Lesson #1

Yuh see that apple bottom moving so seductively that yuh biting your rag right now? Forget it. Start with the one who is moving from side to side. A good warm up is key for great palancing.

Lesson #2

Now it’s time to get into things. Nope not ready yet for the “apple bottom”, but look to your left. See that bumper bubbling with their hands on the ground and whining in the air? Jooking 101 is now in session. Make yuh name.


Wait nah. Before you get on that bumper remember something. This is a one time whine (not a relationship). So don’t think that after Ash Wednesday if you see her somewhere she know yuh. Eh eh.

Lesson #4

Ready? Yuh seeing it? Looking like double dutch eh? Yuh have to time it. When you jump on hold it down. Down to the ground and come back up. You could let out a few exuberant sounds to the top of your voice. She finish with yuh? Right nice. Walk away and look for a next one. Trust, the jamming now start.

Lesson #5

Most important. Enjoy yourself. All the stress let it out. Have a time, and drink and whine. Responsibly of course. And doh drive home, Trini have Uber now.

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Why are Caribbean Women So Obsessed With Hair?

Why are Caribbean Women So Obsessed With Hair?

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We know you consider it a part of your beauty, but do you guys have to talk about it, stress over it, even cry about it so much? Not to mention the overnight hair experts that are taking over Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Do you guys need so much advice? Here is a better question, why are Caribbean women so obsessed with hair?

Throughout the ages and in every culture, hair has been linked to a woman’s beauty. It represents how they are seen, what they do, what they believe, and how they are identified. For example, Amerindian women wore two side buns called “squash blossoms” until they married, then they would have a single braid down the back. Up until about 50 years ago, Indian widows were forced to shave their heads as a form of devotion to their husbands as it was deemed they had nothing more to live for. In Africa, around the 15th century, hairstyles were used to indicate a person’s marital status, age, religion, ethnic identity, wealth and rank within their community. After slavery, hair became more of a matter of labour. Even within the Chinese community, hair helped distinguish between the Han people and other ethnic groups, as the former tended to have it bound, while the other grew their long hair unkempt. In the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907), hairdos with different shapes evolved into a symbol of class status.

Mixing all these cultures in one place should ultimately intensify the obsession. Is this the reason why Caribbean women are so obsessed with hair? Whatever the reason women are more than their fabulous, enduring crowning, yet essentially dead organ, on top of their heads. They should be forgiven for shedding a well-deserved tear for it once in a while, but evidently, there is more to life ladies. Not so?

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Caribbean Sweet, Sticky, Spicy Chicken Recipe

Caribbean Sweet, Sticky, Spicy Chicken Recipe

Culture, Food

Looking for something cool to try? Something soft, succulent, and creates a feeling of “Please don’t let this end”? Try the Caribbean styled sweet, sticky spicy chicken recipe.

What would you need?


How is it made?

Mix together brown sugar, honey, soy sauce, ginger, garlic and hot sauce in a small bowl. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add chicken strips and allow it to become brown on both sides. This should take about 1 minute per side. Pour the sauce over the chicken. Simmer uncovered until the sauce thickens for 8 to 10 minutes and viola! Simple right?

Sweet and Spicy Chicken – Han Guuk Guan Korean©Alpha/Flickr

5 Ways To Get Away From Your Partner for Carnival

5 Ways To Get Away From Your Partner for Carnival


It’s beginning to look a lot like Bacchanal season, and alcohol is in the air. Everyone can admit that 2016 sucked, which makes Carnival all the more special this year. Yet, would you really like to be tied down this year? Nagging things like, “Doh wine with them”, “watch how yuh drinking,” and “I find yuh watch them a little too hard,” are things that will spoil the festivities. Being free is the goal, so let us help you out with 5 ways to get away from your partner for Carnival.

5. You owe it to yourself.

“Babe, they say if you love something, you must let it go, and if it was meant to be it will come back. So March 4th good for you?”



4. Scrap Valentine’s Day

Don’t get them anything. Say you forgot? Wait until the day to say you don’t want to celebrate it anymore. Carnival will be a breeze.


3. Operation: Hide and go seek

Invite lots of your friends, and hers, then disappear. Hopefully, she does not come looking for you.


2. Operation: Big Truck maneuver

Find friends who have access to a music truck, ask for permission to have yourself and your partner on board, then ditch them.


1. A good old fashion breakup

You see them on Carnival Tuesday. A couple arguing in the road, then storming off. It may have consequences in the future but those couple hundred wines may just be worth it.





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Carnival©Gabriella Szekely/Flickr


10 Amazing Things You Did Not Know About Condoms

10 Amazing Things You Did Not Know About Condoms

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5059655322_2d516a72f9_bLifesavers, timewasters, and sensual enhancers. This item has been around us for a very long time, and have you ever wondered how far condoms have come? (yes, you can giggle at the last part). Well, here are 10 Amazing Things for you to ponder about condoms.

10. They were originally meant to battle syphilis, not prevent pregnancies.

9. The oldest condom ever seen used was in Sweden and it was made out of pig intestines. And guess what, it was reusable.

8. In 1928 you had to get a prescription to buy a condom, and in order to get a prescription, you had to be having sex with prostitutes.

7. The first condom was discovered in a Cave in France. The country was known as the place for Syphilis.

6. Different countries used different materials, for example, the Japanese at one time used tortoise shell as the material for a condom.

5. The cost of condoms was high. It would cost some as much as their salaries of a few months to purchase the item.9197405250_87b17f4802_k

4. They replaced weasel testicles. Yes, weasel testicles and an amputated feet were used as contraceptives in the medieval times. We don’t know how effective they were but that was the belief.

3.  They have other uses aside from sex. Soldiers use them to protect their rifles from water damage.

2. In India, they were used for paving roads. The condoms were mixed with concrete and asphalt, in order to make the road smoother and prevent cracks.

1. In ancient times women in Asia drank mercury in order to prevent pregnancy. The result was either death or becoming sterile.

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Great Ways To Bring In The New Year

Great Ways To Bring In The New Year


We are approaching the final moments of 2016, and the New Year brings a fresh start. Everyone may have their plans set to celebrate being alive for 2017 but if not, here are some ideas for you.

Moonlight & Romance

14661559485_f7e2c8ed1d_kRent a boat, head out under the stars, and bring in the New Year with your partner. The odds are you might spot some fireworks somewhere in the sky nearby.

Small boat refelcted©Nick Page/Flickr





Have a Sunset into Midnight Picnic

6869972507_1de46f3fea_bPack a blanket, food, champagne, and strawberries. Cuddle up with friends and share great moments of the year with each other.

s©barbara w. /Flickr




Have  Bonfire Party

Head out to the beach with friends and fireworks to dance into 2017!


Champagne Cocktail Party

9487495304_8dea41ca01_kGet creative with your drinks. Laugh and enjoy some of the most entertaining Champagnes around. Check out some ideas: http://www.delish.com/holiday-recipes/new-years/g196/champagne-cocktails/

Champagne Cocktail©Fredrik Rubensson/Flickr






Play the game called “Club Fiasco”

5168225006_2a091f4e27_bVisit every club in your country or state, and have a drink at each location. The only rules to the game are that you can only spend 10 mins at each club and the game ends when the first person vomits.

Clash-11-10-2010 91©Elmo love/Flickr






Have a quiet evening in

307720535_71e638e794_bFor the persons who have done it all, or for those who just want to bring in the New Year snuggled up with a good movie, having a quiet New Years can set the tone for 2017, starting the year out with peace and tranquility.

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What Is Boxing Day?

What Is Boxing Day?


5294329449_652770d7ea_bIn most former and current English territories, Boxing Day is celebrated on the 26th of December. An extra day off is always massively appreciated, but does anyone really know what Boxing Day is about?  As you visit your family and friends, let’s enlighten you a bit.

Now Boxing Day began in England during the Middle Ages and there are a few theories behind it. For instance:


  1. 8312305900_b3aa6f425b_bSome historians have said that the holiday was developed because servants of the rich were required to work on Christmas Day, and the following day was given to them in order for them to visit their families. As a reward for their services, their employers would present them with gift boxes.
  2. On this day, it was a custom that tradesmen will collect their Christmas boxes/gifts in return for good and reliable work they did throughout the year.
  3. It is known as St. Stephen’s Day, where Saint Stephen was one of the first Christians that was martyred for his faith by being stoned to death right after Jesus’ crucifixion. His fame lives on through the Christmas song Good King Wenceslas.
  4. It is the day when presents were actually opened. On Christmas day the presents remained under the tree for the ambience and on Boxing Day, the presents were opened leaving lots of boxes lying around.

So what do you think Boxing Day is about?


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250-365 (Year 6) Boxing Day©George Redgrave/Flickr

9 Things Not To Do For Christmas

9 Things Not To Do For Christmas


It’s here ladies and gentlemen, the highlight of December. The reason to be alive during this time. Christmas. Everyone (those who celebrate it that is) wants to have the perfect Christmas filled with joy, food, and family. But somehow there are things out there that are a disaster waiting to happen. So here is a list of things that you should never do on Christmas.

9. Burn the Ham

3042757654_652ec4b94a_oburnt apple cobbler©Krista/Flickr

Pretty much a death wish. Especially in this ninety-ninth hour. You will be the subject of every joke for years to come. Friends coming over expecting something to eat but met by an excuse will leave you red in the face.

8. Give Homemade Gifts

6821168809_d7dcf30e7d_bHomemade Memory Game©Jennifer Chait/Flickr

Don’t do that. Just Don’t.

7. Get Drunk and make a pass at a distant relative.

3190459620_3720dd6eb6_oUntitled©Jon Feinstein/Flickr

If you do not wish to have one of the most awkward periods of your life, then control yourself when you are at a house. Alcohol can lead to things that you will always regret.

6. Serve Black pudding

9044506418_7632967548_kI had this for my tea©Smabs Sputzer/Flickr

If you do, there will be blood…

5. Overspend

6869774997_fd3f0221fc_bSpending©401(k) 2012/Flickr

You are not getting paid until the end of January. Please remember that.

4. Stick to your diet

254235434_6d5e896352_oVegetable Medley: 26/09/06©Ken Banks/Flickr

We know Carnival is right around the corner and that extra five pounds is annoying. But what’s annoying is when food is passing around and you refuse it, yet you are ogling at persons’ plates, eating your celery sticks. That’s annoying! Either forget your diet or don’t come.

3. Stress yourself 

7548029082_f55e9cea0d_kStressed©Sodanie Chea/Flickr

It’s not about you or about your guests. It’s about Jesus being born. What did you get him for his birthday?

2. Forget Those Without Food

2903213255_482e545a9c_oHomeless©Selena Smith/Flickr

Remember there are persons out there with little or absolutely nothing to eat. It is not Gluttonousmas, where there is too little consideration for those in need. Share your meal this Christmas and put some smiles on some faces.

1. Forget Those Without Shelter

4471181483_b463d9f67c_oHomeless©Gaspar Torres/Flickr

One of the key moments in the story of Christmas is the moment when there was no room for Jesus, leaving Mary and Joseph to resort to a stable. During these crime-ridden times, one must be cautious, but if you know of someone in need, a helping hand can go a long way.

Folkore and Christmas in The Caribbean

Folkore and Christmas in The Caribbean


It was a nagging question that was floating around. What is it with Duppies and Grotesque characters around Christmas? How can one of the most joyous occasions have such haunting characters? We checked it out and this is what we got.



Europeans brought Christianity to the Caribbean and with this Christmas was brought also. European Christmas customs have been somewhat maintained, for example, Christmas morning services, feasting on Christmas Day, the giving of gifts, Christmas cards, Santa Claus and Christmas trees. But African slaves in Jamaica created their own customs, which became popular right away. Duppies (ghosts) in the countryside, the Three-Foot Horse, known for its irregular hoofbeats, and the Rolling Calf, who terrifies the hearts of rural folks with dragging chains along the pathways at night, all come out during Christmas time. They are popularized during Christmas through stories, parades, and parties to go along with their feasts.




Migoi, Yeti Mask, the Abominable Snowman, street bazaar, Kathmandu, Nepal©Wonderlane/Flickr

In Antigua, Grotesque characters such as an African witch doctor, and Tall ghosts go hand in hand with Christmas. Dressed in dried banana leaves and tatty clothes, the grotesque characters are said to be fashioned after their British masters. Tall Ghosts are huge figures on stilts with masked faces, that peep into the upstairs windows of homes on Market Street to scare little children.