Yes, free up time is coming, and waist will be thrown. But you come into town at 4 am to get the jest of J’ouvert, or you just jump in on Carnival Tuesday for the much-anticipated jam session. What do you do? Grab any bumper in front your face? Before you do that, here is a guide for whining this Carnival. Let’s call it “Bubblingolgy”.

Lesson #1

Yuh see that apple bottom moving so seductively that yuh biting your rag right now? Forget it. Start with the one who is moving from side to side. A good warm up is key for great palancing.

Lesson #2

Now it’s time to get into things. Nope not ready yet for the “apple bottom”, but look to your left. See that bumper bubbling with their hands on the ground and whining in the air? Jooking 101 is now in session. Make yuh name.


Wait nah. Before you get on that bumper remember something. This is a one time whine (not a relationship). So don’t think that after Ash Wednesday if you see her somewhere she know yuh. Eh eh.

Lesson #4

Ready? Yuh seeing it? Looking like double dutch eh? Yuh have to time it. When you jump on hold it down. Down to the ground and come back up. You could let out a few exuberant sounds to the top of your voice. She finish with yuh? Right nice. Walk away and look for a next one. Trust, the jamming now start.

Lesson #5

Most important. Enjoy yourself. All the stress let it out. Have a time, and drink and whine. Responsibly of course. And doh drive home, Trini have Uber now.

Photos Courtesy:

Brooklyn Carnival Parade 2010 195© Studios/Flickr


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