5294329449_652770d7ea_bIn most former and current English territories, Boxing Day is celebrated on the 26th of December. An extra day off is always massively appreciated, but does anyone really know what Boxing Day is about?  As you visit your family and friends, let’s enlighten you a bit.

Now Boxing Day began in England during the Middle Ages and there are a few theories behind it. For instance:


  1. 8312305900_b3aa6f425b_bSome historians have said that the holiday was developed because servants of the rich were required to work on Christmas Day, and the following day was given to them in order for them to visit their families. As a reward for their services, their employers would present them with gift boxes.
  2. On this day, it was a custom that tradesmen will collect their Christmas boxes/gifts in return for good and reliable work they did throughout the year.
  3. It is known as St. Stephen’s Day, where Saint Stephen was one of the first Christians that was martyred for his faith by being stoned to death right after Jesus’ crucifixion. His fame lives on through the Christmas song Good King Wenceslas.
  4. It is the day when presents were actually opened. On Christmas day the presents remained under the tree for the ambience and on Boxing Day, the presents were opened leaving lots of boxes lying around.

So what do you think Boxing Day is about?


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