So you got a new phone for Christmas, and you look around your room to find a few other phones lying around. You can sell them, or give them away to friends and family, but there are some better ideas for your cast-away devices.

10. Gym/Exercise device


60©Fit Approch/Flickr

If you are a gym or exercise enthusiast, you can convert your old smartphone into your very own fitness buddy. Download apps, centered around getting and keeping yourself in shape. Great fitness apps such as Map my Fitness, Workout Trainer, and JEFIT will do the job.


9. GPS for your car

Let’s admit it, we don’t always know where we are going. So loading up your phone with mapping apps like Citymapper, Google Maps, and Waze will make you look like an expert tour guide. And seeing that it is not your primary phone anymore you won’t be interrupted by phone calls or notifications.


8. TV remote control

6. TV remote control

Can’t find your remote? We got a special use for your old smartphone for that. If your smartphone has an infrared emitter, you are set. Download a TV remote app and there you go… a universal remote.




espensorvik / Flickr Creative Commons



7. Alarm clock
A simple use for the device. Purchase a cheap smartphone dock, and place it right by your bedside and viola… you have an alarm clock.




Silhouette of an Alarm Clock©Ze’ve Barkan/Flickr



6. Media centre


Windows 10 Battlestation – Side©Brett Morrison/Flickr

Make it into your entertainment center. A Chromecast streaming device or a micro USB-to-HDMI cable, with Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Spotify, and Pandora apps. Not to mention games, and music.



5.  Digital photo frame

4045880239_3671bf64c6_ohailey strawberry©digipam/Flickr

Turn your smartphone into a digital photo frame with great memories stored away. With apps like Dayframe you can scroll through those moments in time.



8524443211_8f70acde38_k4. Baby monitor

Have a new one in the home? Apps like Dormi, and Baby Monitor can transform your device into a baby monitor, streaming video and audio to your current device.




Through the baby monitor©Wade Armstrong/Flickr



3. Dashcam


Dashcam©Chris Krahe/Flickr

Place the phone on a mount on the car dashboard, with the camera facing outside. You have just created your life saver in case of insurance (in terms of witnessing an accident, in order to make a claim).



2. Wi-Fi extender


Boost the WiFi signal throughout your house with apps like fqrouter2, which takes the signal and repeats it. It will require you to root the device for it to work though.

1. Emergency phone


Amber Alert©Tony Webster/Flickr

For those times when everything seems to be going wrong. If any mishaps occur with your primary phone then you will have something to keep you up and going.

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