We are approaching the final moments of 2016, and the New Year brings a fresh start. Everyone may have their plans set to celebrate being alive for 2017 but if not, here are some ideas for you.

Moonlight & Romance

14661559485_f7e2c8ed1d_kRent a boat, head out under the stars, and bring in the New Year with your partner. The odds are you might spot some fireworks somewhere in the sky nearby.

Small boat refelcted©Nick Page/Flickr





Have a Sunset into Midnight Picnic

6869972507_1de46f3fea_bPack a blanket, food, champagne, and strawberries. Cuddle up with friends and share great moments of the year with each other.

s©barbara w. /Flickr




Have  Bonfire Party

Head out to the beach with friends and fireworks to dance into 2017!


Champagne Cocktail Party

9487495304_8dea41ca01_kGet creative with your drinks. Laugh and enjoy some of the most entertaining Champagnes around. Check out some ideas: http://www.delish.com/holiday-recipes/new-years/g196/champagne-cocktails/

Champagne Cocktail©Fredrik Rubensson/Flickr






Play the game called “Club Fiasco”

5168225006_2a091f4e27_bVisit every club in your country or state, and have a drink at each location. The only rules to the game are that you can only spend 10 mins at each club and the game ends when the first person vomits.

Clash-11-10-2010 91©Elmo love/Flickr






Have a quiet evening in

307720535_71e638e794_bFor the persons who have done it all, or for those who just want to bring in the New Year snuggled up with a good movie, having a quiet New Years can set the tone for 2017, starting the year out with peace and tranquility.

IMG_3520©David Boyle/Flickr



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