It’s here ladies and gentlemen, the highlight of December. The reason to be alive during this time. Christmas. Everyone (those who celebrate it that is) wants to have the perfect Christmas filled with joy, food, and family. But somehow there are things out there that are a disaster waiting to happen. So here is a list of things that you should never do on Christmas.

9. Burn the Ham

3042757654_652ec4b94a_oburnt apple cobbler©Krista/Flickr

Pretty much a death wish. Especially in this ninety-ninth hour. You will be the subject of every joke for years to come. Friends coming over expecting something to eat but met by an excuse will leave you red in the face.

8. Give Homemade Gifts

6821168809_d7dcf30e7d_bHomemade Memory Game©Jennifer Chait/Flickr

Don’t do that. Just Don’t.

7. Get Drunk and make a pass at a distant relative.

3190459620_3720dd6eb6_oUntitled©Jon Feinstein/Flickr

If you do not wish to have one of the most awkward periods of your life, then control yourself when you are at a house. Alcohol can lead to things that you will always regret.

6. Serve Black pudding

9044506418_7632967548_kI had this for my tea©Smabs Sputzer/Flickr

If you do, there will be blood…

5. Overspend

6869774997_fd3f0221fc_bSpending©401(k) 2012/Flickr

You are not getting paid until the end of January. Please remember that.

4. Stick to your diet

254235434_6d5e896352_oVegetable Medley: 26/09/06©Ken Banks/Flickr

We know Carnival is right around the corner and that extra five pounds is annoying. But what’s annoying is when food is passing around and you refuse it, yet you are ogling at persons’ plates, eating your celery sticks. That’s annoying! Either forget your diet or don’t come.

3. Stress yourself 

7548029082_f55e9cea0d_kStressed©Sodanie Chea/Flickr

It’s not about you or about your guests. It’s about Jesus being born. What did you get him for his birthday?

2. Forget Those Without Food

2903213255_482e545a9c_oHomeless©Selena Smith/Flickr

Remember there are persons out there with little or absolutely nothing to eat. It is not Gluttonousmas, where there is too little consideration for those in need. Share your meal this Christmas and put some smiles on some faces.

1. Forget Those Without Shelter

4471181483_b463d9f67c_oHomeless©Gaspar Torres/Flickr

One of the key moments in the story of Christmas is the moment when there was no room for Jesus, leaving Mary and Joseph to resort to a stable. During these crime-ridden times, one must be cautious, but if you know of someone in need, a helping hand can go a long way.

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