Society needs laws. Laws help us shape the atmosphere that will benefit humanity in its progression. But what if the laws are downright, plain talk bad manners, dumb? Well, the Caribbean has quite a few to pass around, so here are weird laws that govern some Caribbean Islands.



On the island of Grenada, it is a crime to walk the streets in your swimwear. You will be hit with a fine of $270 USD. So keep the Speedos and bikinis for the beach.

Trinidad and Tobago

105310143_d61f258425_bSome dumb laws on the twin island republic includes, the act of “serious indecency” where an action, other than sexual intercourse (whether natural or unnatural aka dry humping), by a person involving the use of the genital organ for the purpose of arousing or gratifying sexual desire (No front wine basically). Yet, Carnival is celebrated, where arousal may be involved. Not so? Also, to have anal sex is a crime, and not just for the gay community. A heterosexual couple performing this act are basically breaking the law as well.

In addition, if you know someone who is thinking about suicide, they are contemplating committing a crime. Instead of helping a person who has been a victim of a failed suicide attempt, the state can charge the individual with criminal offences such as attempted murder.

Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, and Jamaica

3628571124_acddf54267_oCamouflage wear is quite a popular trend in fashion these days. However, for persons in the above-mentioned countries, it’s a no no. The ban of these garments was enacted in the 1980s to prevent gang members from impersonating soldiers.


2967842560_94c0a62d26_b-1In Cuba, there are a lot of really dumb laws that are enforced on a daily basis. For instance, it is illegal for any restaurant, which is not state owned, to offer lobster on their menu. It is illegal for a man or woman to be seen in public, dressed in garments that are designed to be worn by the opposite sex. You cannot invite a foreigner to spend the night without a permit. The police or migratory authorities can fine the owner of a home if a foreigner is sleeping there without authorization. Purchasing 25 artificial fingernails from abroad violates a law. The Cuban Customs Law Resolution 206 specifically limits the number of artificial nails to 24 units.

St. Kitts


In St. Kitts, along with some other Caribbean Islands, cursing in public is illegal. So if you have to drop an f-bomb, be sure to say fish instead.


143348169_fb86efd4fe_bThe Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries in Belize has implemented a law that requires anyone on a boat equipped for or engaged in the sport of fishing, to have a Sports Fishing License. The keyword being equipped. This means that everyone on the boat must have a Sports Fishing License, not just the fisherman on the boat, but everyone on the boat. Think about it, wives, children, nana, the tour guide or boat captain and deckhands, have to have a license. But here’s the kicker, if you are not in a boat (Wading), you don’t need a license to fish.

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