Sometimes after eating a delectable meal, you are forced to pack away the leftovers. But did you know that if you are not careful you can be inviting toxins into your body by reheating certain foods? Here’s a list of foods that become toxic when reheated.


15358312317_79d49918ec_kThis has the highest health risk attached to it when reheated. Mushrooms should be eaten immediately after being prepared, or if refrigerated it must be eaten cold. If reheated, you are putting yourself at risk of digestive, and heart problems over time.

Mushrooms©Mary Shattock/Flickr


5930958714_c7923b027c_bReheating fried and boiled eggs can create lethal bacterium within your system, so never do that.

Egg©Kjetil Ree/Flickr


340933520_6a76d5405f_bPotatoes are essential to your diet. It is high in starch, and have many health benefits, but if left to cool at room temperature and unrefrigerated, a certain something called botulism begins to grow. After this, reheating potatoes makes them dangerous for your body.

Potato©Toshihiro Oimatsu/Flickr


14895611816_e924cec56c_kChicken, one of the most common foods around, is exceptionally dangerous when consumed a day later. If refrigerated, it should be eaten cold. If not, some digestive problems will be on the way because the structure of proteins in chicken changes when chilled. However, if you must heat it, make sure and do it at a low temperature for a long period.

Chicken©Stu Spivack/Flickr


5375353078_720d37cef3_bSpinach can never be reheated. Eat it immediately right after being cooked. Why? Nitrates form into nitrites when reheated becoming carcinogenic for your body.

Spinach©Ted Major/Flickr


5112057844_540c3529d4_bUsed as a seasoning, celery is widely used in many dishes including soups. However, it contains nitrates just like spinach that transform into nitrites after being reheated. If you need to reheat the soup remove the celery.



2881003468_1b4613540e_bHere’s the third addition to the nitrates team, Beets are very harmful and destructive for the body if reheated.



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