The technological age. It is amazing to think that 20 years ago, what is now considered the norm, was astronomically futuristic to the point that many thought, we would not have survived beyond 1999. But let’s take a moment in time to say thanks for somethings we have in the 21st Century.

10. WhatsApp


Because the Lord knows that without this, phone bills will be high!





9. Facebook

7272355466_54871a4fe1_kFor the ability to be a Maco and a Bacchanalist without other people knowing that you are.





8. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and YouTube

5209796269_23b3c744ca_bBecause the mainstream media cannot be trusted and half of those Politicians who got caught in some shady mess will still be in power. Not to forget that you can now become a celebrity in your own right.


7. Smartphones

11691958644_22c36d5f52_kTo track my significant other when they not supposed to be in San Juan by their ex and they lying! Yuh got tagged in pics!








6.  BLU

13054204353_0cf9cc263b_kBecause spending $5000 on a smartphone makes no sense.


5. Instagram

7624764146_6eecbb9cf2_kInstagram Models… (Yes they needed to be mentioned by themselves)







4. Job Vacancies

8739101312_2283578b39_kBecause buying a newspaper to check for jobs is tiresome.


3. Waze

14096549911_335d7a521b_bAvoiding Police, when you on yuh last, and your insurance due.









6983545613_a796b98925_k2. Online Shopping

Getting the latest without flying out, although some people playing up in their 7%.

1. Online Business

For the ability to have the business you always dreamed about without paying rent for a commercial space.


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