Thinking about how bad 2016 was and what we have to look forward to in 2017. Things just don’t seem to be encouraging. Donald J. Trump has become the 45th President of the United States of America, ISIS, Keith Rowley doing a bag of mess, and World War III may be on the brink. What do you do? How will you and your family survive? Well, we are here to help. Here are some “end of the world” survival tips for you.

Auto Mechanic skills


Mechanic©Free for Commercial Use/Flickr

It may be cliché in movies, of some patrons running towards a vehicle and one of them just happens to know how to fix or hot wire that vehicle. But this skill is actually very useful as mobility is very important for survival. Even taking things further… learning how to change your car’s fuel from petrol to vegetable oil can be a great asset.



Straight scale, compasses and map {2}©dewframe*alt -n-anela/Flickr

There might not be electricity nor GPS. How do you know where to go? Make a natural compass, that’s how. There is the stick compass. Placing a stick upright in the ground, and watching how the shadow moves allows you to place stones at certain points to find out where East and West are. Ultimately, this leads to finding north and south. There is also the leaf method as well as a magnetized nail.

Feeding yourself

8129660097_c13bb697b4_kPheasant hunting©m01229/Flickr

Whether using fishing skills, hunting skills, trapping skills, or finding edible plants to eat, nourishment is essential. Mastering these techniques can add to your chances of staying alive. Learn what can be eaten and what cannot. This is called Foraging. Wild game is not that easy to get and there might not be any plants nearby especially in a city. So knowing what your body can digest is a plus.

Defending yourself


Learning self defense©Fort Bragg/Flickr

Knowing how to defend yourself fits the puzzle in an end of the world survival scenario. Self-defense, hand to hand combat should be on your to learn list. Hapkido, Judo, or simple military techniques should be good. Add that to handling a firearm, stripping and cleaning it safely will put you in a pole position.

First Aid

16800384582_b7528920b8_kFirst Aid Kit©DLG Images/Flickr

Injuries are very probable in this type of setting and infections in a chaotic environment adds to the risk. Learning how to treat wounds will be good for you. Educating yourself on natural medicines should and will up your survival ratings significantly. Acquire the skills of making bandages, giving support to damaged limbs, and ways of doing a blood transfusion. Yes, blood transfusions done in bad conditions can make things more complicated, but it can also save a life until better help arrives.

Build a fire


Although it may not be in the jungle, learning to make a fire is a basic skill needed. For temperature control, preparation of food, and warding off wild animals/zombies (Trump supporters) a fire can do wonders.

Having these skill sets will enable you to perform day to day tasks that preserve your life. Remember the key to survival is adaptability. Using whatever is around you for your benefit gives you the ability to become the powerful entity in that environment.

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