15540695269_775f5b63a5_k In the Caribbean, there has been a lot of skepticism when it comes to disabled persons. Some still think that having a disability should affect your sexiness, or worse , your aptness for having sex with someone. It is considered wrong and  people who engage in this act are often stared at with pity or horror.

Very often disabled persons are met these questions, “Can you have sex?”, “Do you have sex?” and “How do you have sex?”, but sexual experiences with a disability has its benefits and can put a positive spin on a relationship. Why? It forces a couple to talk, it causes persons to become in tune with their bodies and not only rely on penetration for pleasure (more foreplay). You and your partner get to redefine sexual norms. For example, altering their ideology of what “sexually appealing” is. Couples can develop stimulation through words, thoughts, and touches. This forces persons to move away from all the scenarios that they think are sexy, and  create that sexual experience within that moment, no matter how awkward or different it is.3711073454_6d165d824b_b

Lastly, sex education for disabled teenagers and adults is needed urgently. Schools must jump on board as well as parents, in order to prepare their children for life ahead. In retrospect, the more sexually active disabled people there are in popular culture, the more the negative perceptions of disabled people will change.

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