Keeping physical stores open lately can be unpredictable. I’d like to help you to adapt to the changing climate by implementing e-commerce into your business. With the recent lockdowns, it’s becoming more and more important to have a solution in place which will allow your business to operate when customers are not willing to come out to shop, or if the government mandates that businesses are closed. 

Can your business really benefit from an e-commerce website that costs only $850TTD? If you operate in retail then definitely yes! Would it be good enough? Let me explain what our $850 solutions can do for your business.

Each project is customized to the clients specific branding. That means the colours and fonts used will be in line with your existing branding.

How many products can you add?

Technically you can add unlimited products. We should discuss how many and the categories they fall into so that we build the right solution for you.

You can accept payments online.

As online shopping becomes the “norm” your business can benefit from automating the sales process by accepting payments online via their debit or credit card.

Delivery is easier.

It is important to have your customer’s delivery information easily accessible so delivery can be coordinated more efficiently. 

Better customer service.

Have you ever been on social media and wanted to know the cost of a product, or to find out what sizes are available or what the product’s features are? What if the customer is online at a time when you aren’t available to reply? Your website can answer these questions and close the sale without any input from you.

Increased sales.

A properly optimised sales campaign will increase the revenue of your business. An e-commerce website that is designed for the local market will be able to automate the sales process in a cost-effective and scalable manner. Your website literally works 24/7 closing sales for you.

Would you need more?

It depends. This package is designed to help a small business. We tailor all of our solutions to match what the client needs. Some businesses may require more than others. Some may require us to add additional features while some may need us to provide them with additional support.

Let’s have a conversation so that we can provide a solution that will help your business to continue to bring in sales while this pandemic continues to change lives and the way we do business.

What about if your business is not in the retail space?

Every business can benefit from being online. Service-based businesses can benefit from having a system in place to allow their clients to book their services. This will become more and more important as the pandemic continues and even after it’s finally over.

Customers are relying more and more on internet searches to find products and services they are interested in. If your business isn’t showing up in these searches then potential customers are going to choose another business. 

Pellau has helped many businesses in various industries to improve their online presence. This means developing websites and ensuring their social media presence is properly optimised to deliver sales.

Let’s have a discussion!

Visit Get your eCommerce websites in Trinidad and Tobago for as little as $850TTD – Pellau Media Limited ( to learn more about this offer or you can reach me directly via call or WhatsApp at 1-868-264-1936 or you can reply to this email. My mission is to help small businesses to reach their customers online.

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