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We have all heard the saying that everybody has a personal brand that allows you to not only represent yourself, but to build trust and fans among the customers in your business. With many businesses transitioning into the use of social media to grow, the question that remains is how can you use these channels to represent what your personal brand is? The simple key here is one that is often overlooked – INSTAGRAM BIOS. Too often I see people on Instagram posting their bio in the form of their favourite emoji, where they live or even leave it blank.

If you are doing this, you are not only misrepresenting yourself, but if you are a business, you are leaving money on the table. 

If you aren’t constantly telling people who you are, how are new customers going to find you and stick around to buy your services? Here are some tips on creating an effective Instagram bio that will allow you to grow a community and allow you to build more leads for your business. 


The name section might sound very simple in what needs to be included here, but is actually not as effectively utilized as it should be. This portion within your bio is actually searchable, so if someone types “therapist” or “business coach,” you could be one of the top results! Just putting your name in this section is a missed opportunity because there are people out there who are looking for someone like you and your services and can’t find you.


One of the first things you should do is what I like to call your “niche statement.” Having a clear and captivating sentence of what you do in your bio is a smart way to not leave your audience guessing. This statement should show who you help and how you help them. An example of this can be “I am a fitness coach that helps busy moms by offering short, quick workouts” In that one line, someone can understand the core part of who you are and what your business is.


If you are someone that is putting your link in your bio, you need to have a clear CTA to give context to your viewers and offer an incentive. Simply putting the link might seem bland and really doesn’t paint the whole picture! An example of this could be including a line above your link with an arrow pointing down and the line “FREE FITNESS TIPS” or “MENTAL HEALTH RESOURCES”, so people know what they will be receiving from you. Or, you can use this as an extension of your niche statement. For example, if we go back to our niche statement of “I am a fitness coach that helps busy moms by offering short, quick workouts” you could make your call to action “LEARN MORE” and then include your link bio. The options are truly endless, so choose an option that aligns best with your business or services.

By following these steps on how to grow your Instagram in 2021, you are on your way to attract more leads and build a bigger community around your business.

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