Art, the self-expression of an individual’s interpretation of their reality. Trinidad and Tobago have graced the art scene throughout the Caribbean for many years. The islands have produced artists such as Glenn Roopchand, Martin Superville, Shalini Seereeram, Leroy Clarke, and Tessa Alexander. However, there are some pieces from Trinbagonians that capture and entice the imagination of art lovers from all over the globe. Here are some for you to enjoy.

Bhai Lady by Glenn Roopchand

Inspired by David Rudder, Glenn Roopchand works diligently to create a phenomenon that explores all living entities, which incarnate the universal feminine principle, called nature.


Forest and Sunset (c 1950) Sybil Atteck

Artist Sybil Atteck was an active promoter of the arts, assisting in the formation of the Trinidad Art Society. She was responsible for a new movement in art in the latter part of 1948.


The Mother by Annelie Solis

Painting things that feel beautiful and holy, is something Annelie Solis flourishes in. Her work depicts humans as queens and kings, goddesses and gods; personifications of divinity and nature; cultures from all over the world; movement and dance; indigenous tribes and their wisdom; and the stars to bring a heightened awareness of spirit.


Stick Fight (c.1945) | M.P. Alladin

Alladin was one of the leading artists in Trinidad and Tobago for many years and was also well-known internationally for his role in Art and Art Education. Alladin was an extraordinary poet, and writer producing a series of research papers on local folklore, and oral tradition.


LeRoy Clarke, A Voice Among Us

LeRoy Clarke is the religious painter. His art is seen as a ritual in his pursuit of self-discovery. He aims to point us to the significance of the actions and practices of our society.

It is important in this phase of my life to remind people to look at ritual. Carnival, for example, is a ritual that had a potency to be redemptive. It is now scandalous and foreign,” Clarke said.


Weavers of the Dust by Trinidad artist LeRoy Clarke

This piece by master artist LeRoy Clarke was bought for a whopping $1.2 million.


Towards the Apotheosis of El Tucuche by Leroy Clarke

Clarke, has used his paintings and poetry for the last 50 years to direct person’s attention to the highest point in the development of themselves.


“Sitar Player” by Shalini Seereeram

This Trinidadian-born artist with a signature style of abstract painting, uses intense colours, subtle sensuality, and eccentric geometric characters. She also explored jewelry design which continues to evolve into something truly unforgettable. Her works in Indo-Caribbean culture leaves a vibrant lasting impression and delineates the female experience.


Toco Lighthouse Karen Sylvester

Karen’s visual memory is trained around combining reality with imagination from her environment. She uses notes, photographs, sketches, and her own observation skills as a form of reference to conceptualize her artworks.


Dee meeting Leroy Clarke

Leroy Clarke has received an honorary doctorate in fine arts from the University of T&T, and the Orisha community’s conferment of a Staff of Eldership and Chieftaincy.

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