The Weight Loss Drug That May Be The Answer To Your Problem?

The Weight Loss Drug That May Be The Answer To Your Problem?

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15320691164_e08f939c46_oWeight loss is something that most people come into contact with nowadays in the Caribbean. Whether you need to lose a lot of weight or just a few pounds to fit into that outfit, weight loss is prominent in today’s society. Many have tried a ton of stuff, but still long for the results they want.

Now there is this drug, Orlistat from Australia, that should help persons out in terms of weight. In more detail, Orlistat also known as Tetrahydrolipstatin works by functioning as a lipase inhibitor meaning the drug blocks the chemical enzymes produced by the pancreas when fatty foods are ingested. The unused materials from the foods are passed through the digestive tract and out through your stool. The effects result in a decrease in the number of calories your body gets.

Trials and tests done on this drug have shown commendable results, with participants of the medication praising the effects that were experienced. For persons who have taken Orlistat, the consensus says that the weight you lose stays off with diet and exercise. Yet with all these great reviews, two questions have to be answered. What are the side effects and could there be long term effects involved?

15773469529_436cffca19_hWhile researching, it was found that there were a number of side effects that comes with ingesting this medicine. The drawbacks include having oily or fatty stools, oily spotting in your undergarments, orange or brown colored oil coming out of your stool, gas and an oily discharge. In addition, you may encounter loose stools, or an immediate need to go to the bathroom. There would be an inability to control your bowel movements and an increase in the number of times you feel the urge to go will happen. Also, some stomach pains will be felt, followed by nausea, and rectal pain. But these things are actually normal if you experience them, and just proves that the medicine is working.

Do not worry, the side effects are temporary and may decrease as time goes by but judging from the investigation conducted, it is said that side effects of the drugs have consciously been underreported. 

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Awakening Your Consciousness For 2017

Awakening Your Consciousness For 2017

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13977704607_abed049dd2_k The end of 2016 is two weeks away. There is Christmas, Boxing day, then sneeze twice and the year is over. So what do you have in store for 2017? Same old, same old? Do you believe that you can operate at your optimum level for the new year? If not, try the Circles of Consciousness by Wendy Xavier (

Knowing oneself is essential to having a productive and enjoyable life. Wendy has put together a powerful means of personal development, transformation, and preparation for your Ascension. This is achieved by different methods, for example, Angelic Reiki, a  modality that brings about healing and balance on all levels to persons who receive the healing energy.

_wsb_247x342_archangel_metatron Angelic Reiki brings self-healing and the ability to send healing to others. Also, she does Integrated Energy Therapy(a safe and gentle way of releasing energy blockages that can cause imbalance and disease in the body), Emotional Freedom Techniques ( a technique that works by releasing blockages within the energy system which is the source of emotional intensity and discomfort), Munay Ki (The nine gates that heal us and transform our human energy field into that of homo luminous), Akashic Record Readings, Angels and Tarot Card Readings, Numerology, Meditation, Massages, and Japanese Cupping Therapy that are all centered around you being relieved of the negative elements in your life, and resulting in you getting direction for your future.

For more information, you can contact Wendy at 1-868-689-6404 or visit her store located #60 Luis Street, Woodbrook from Monday to Saturday 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

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Foods That Can Turn Toxic When Reheated

Foods That Can Turn Toxic When Reheated

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Sometimes after eating a delectable meal, you are forced to pack away the leftovers. But did you know that if you are not careful you can be inviting toxins into your body by reheating certain foods? Here’s a list of foods that become toxic when reheated.


15358312317_79d49918ec_kThis has the highest health risk attached to it when reheated. Mushrooms should be eaten immediately after being prepared, or if refrigerated it must be eaten cold. If reheated, you are putting yourself at risk of digestive, and heart problems over time.

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5930958714_c7923b027c_bReheating fried and boiled eggs can create lethal bacterium within your system, so never do that.

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340933520_6a76d5405f_bPotatoes are essential to your diet. It is high in starch, and have many health benefits, but if left to cool at room temperature and unrefrigerated, a certain something called botulism begins to grow. After this, reheating potatoes makes them dangerous for your body.

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14895611816_e924cec56c_kChicken, one of the most common foods around, is exceptionally dangerous when consumed a day later. If refrigerated, it should be eaten cold. If not, some digestive problems will be on the way because the structure of proteins in chicken changes when chilled. However, if you must heat it, make sure and do it at a low temperature for a long period.

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5375353078_720d37cef3_bSpinach can never be reheated. Eat it immediately right after being cooked. Why? Nitrates form into nitrites when reheated becoming carcinogenic for your body.

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5112057844_540c3529d4_bUsed as a seasoning, celery is widely used in many dishes including soups. However, it contains nitrates just like spinach that transform into nitrites after being reheated. If you need to reheat the soup remove the celery.



2881003468_1b4613540e_bHere’s the third addition to the nitrates team, Beets are very harmful and destructive for the body if reheated.