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Pellau Media can help you boost in-store and online sales.

Turn Every Click into a Customer with Pellau Media’s Precision Marketing Strategies!

In today’s retail environment, rising rents and decreasing foot traffic pose significant challenges for store owners at Trincity Mall. To thrive, proactive outreach is essential to connect with potential customers. Unlike shopping with major online retailers like Shein or Amazon, your store offers an immediate solution—customers can see, touch, and take home your products the same day. At Pellau Media, we specialize in crafting targeted advertising strategies that capitalize on this advantage, drawing more visitors directly to your store.

Our Process

What's Next?

Free Consultation

Each business is unique, so each strategy and each solution needs to be unique. Our team will have a FREE consultation with you over the phone to determine the needs of your business. Then we move forward.


Working with your budget, we will create the visuals to promote your offer. 

  • Professionally made graphics or videos showcasing the products and business
  • E-Commerce website to sell online

We Deliver

We deliver the advertising assets for your approval. Once management agrees with what is presented then we work on delivering you sales for your business.

This is an ongoing process to increase your brand visibility.


Besides the fact that we have worked with well over 800 clients since 2007, our team is dedicated to each client’s success. Our team is highly trained and experienced in each of their areas of expertise to deliver quality services tailored to each client. As the founder Dexter always says “Everyone likes their ‘pellau’ their own way and we cater to everyone’s needs, delivering quality every step of the way”!

Our team is trained. We undergo regular certification and re-training to keep up with industry standards

Each project is looked over by our trained and talented visual experts ensuring not only are your colours and typography to brand spec but also "looks good when put together"

Dexter and team have worked with the largest brands in the Caribbean such as KFC, Carib Beer, Suzuki, Jeep, Lucozade, Courts, Guardian Group and dozens of others to plan and execute their marketing campaigns.

While projects start at only $150USD, we are fully capable of building out very intricate and custom projects. We not only know how to build but how to execute. Try us out!

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