Sex. One of the most valuable commodities today (Literally). Empires, industries, and philosophies have been driven or controlled by sex. Silently or blatantly, sex rules the world. But what about the Caribbean? Are we sexually charged? Do we do whatever it takes, wherever for sexual pleasure? And what places in the Caribbean crave sex the most? Through extensive research, moans, groans, and experimentation, here are The Ten Horniest Countries in the Caribbean.

10. St Vincent and the Grenadines

3817462332_d3d57f5081_bAlthough we hated to highlight the disgusting act, rape is a characteristic of horniness (Doing whatever it takes to get pleasure.) In a 2007 UN report, St Vincent and the Grenadines was flagged with the third highest number of reported rapes in the world (Wow). Following that, the rate of rapes per 100,000 inhabitants was recorded as 51.21 percent, added to which 48 percent of adolescent girls in the country have reported sexual initiation was forced. For many Vincentian women, sexual harassment is almost a daily occurrence. Wait, not done yet, even the Prime Minister of the country, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has found himself embroiled in a phone sex scandal. The country battles with incestuous activity, transactional sex (Sex for goods or money), serial and concurrent sexual partners.

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9.Trinidad and Tobago

10795335963_34415deae2_kFourth in the world when it comes to the sex toy industry, Trinidad and Tobago ranks number nine on our list. Pornographic videos made and distributed in secondary schools, still ranks amongst the top countries. With online Pornographic content (Mia Khalifa being a favourite), sex trafficking (supplying and filling demand), and sex tourism very prevalent in the sister island of Tobago, they got to be mentioned as one of the horniest places in the Caribbean.

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8. Guyana

6013633283_fa322c07e3_bNow unto a place where sex created a prosperous industry. In spite of the fact that Prostitution is illegal in this country, a study conducted about Guyana, found that there was a healthy clientele for this business. The clientele is varied, including “businessmen, magistrates, lawyers, politicians, officials of the regional authorities, rich young men, and get this, proprietors of the numerous Chinese restaurants in the city (Gong Bao Chicken,  with sex on the side, anyone?). The industry is separated into three parts uptown (For the rich), downtown (more working class clientele, schoolboys), and Gold mining sites where women and adolescents from Maroon and Amerindian villages service the demand. Also because of the growing demand, sex trafficking has become out of control. In a case against two women charged in 2006, for forcing a 12 year old girl into sexual slavery, the matter was dismissed for lack of evidence.

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7. Bahamas

8404235723_20366f7297_bA country where the reported number of rapes is almost 15 times higher than most countries. There has been an uprise in sexual assaults especially with Jet Ski operators who go through no background checks before they begin to make their living. But the Bahamas makes the list not just for rape, but for one other reason. Sex tour services. A highly organized, professional tour service that provides men (and couples) with an opportunity to have all their sexual desires satisfied. Some businesses are even associated with major international travel agencies. Going in groups allows patrons to party with gorgeous women. If you sign up for a tour as an individual, you will be placed in a villa with up to three other like-minded guests. The idea is to meet other guests like yourself, sharing and changing women on a daily basis. Packages in the country include Two girls for one night, VIP 2 Night Getaway Package, Couples “Threesome” Package where you are in the company of a female companion (bi-sexual) of your choice for 4 days / 3 nights, caring for your every need for your entire stay. In addition, you can do private groups for (friends/business associates) with a customized package, dates, length of stay, size of group and number of companions. These tours are done on private islands in the country. 

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6. Suriname

4119959414_49812699fa_oGold and sex go hand in hand. The Surinamese sex industry is booming especially from high gold prices. The demand for sex is astronomical and the gold industry attracts both local and foreign women, who are looking to earned money fast. Just think, there are thousands of workers ready to part with their blood, sweat, and tears for sex. The sex demand grows every month with BraziliansDominicans, Guyanese and French sex workers coming to the country. Prostitutes make as much as two grams of gold for just twenty minutes of ‘pleasure’ and five grams of gold for the entire evening. A Sex worker can earn US$ 2,000 especially if they get Dry sex. (a sexual practice of having intercourse without vaginal lubrication. It is said to increase vaginal tightness, and enhanced sexual pleasure for the male partner.)


5. Dominican Republic

427384355_afd65a7b63_oFirstly, prostitution in the Dominican Republic is legal (Well kind of. Depending on how Police officers feel on that day). Driven by the demand from foreign tourists, Dominican expatriates coming back home, and local people, Prostitution is in full flow in the country. Prostitutes/strippers facilitate requests from strip clubs or make their own out-calls. If you’re looking for high-class discrete escorts, your best chance is to try Punta Cana and Santo Domingo. Sex tourism is prevalent in the Puerto Plata province, so you may be hassled by young men or women trying to offer their services. There are a number of resorts that cater to (male) tourists where female companionship is offered, along with a pool, beach bar, and other amenities.

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4. Bonaire

3723485622_19c140607f_bNow onto the second dutch island where horniest is celebrated and regulated. The sex industry is booming here and is arguably considered one of the safer than other Caribbean locales. This is one of the prime locations for sex tourism being known for the famed brothel Pachi. Feeding your sexual desires are as easy as hiring a cabbie to take you to a few places under the radar. A great indicator that this practice is widely sought after. Another place, in particular, is a bar with a few rooms not far from Lisa’s Gas Station. Ask the Cab drivers, they will know.

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3. St. Maarten

3041625275_53b8478c88_bKnown to be notoriously liberal, and a pioneer in legalizing prostitution, St. Maarten joins our list at number three. With the industry on the rise, there are a number of establishments set up to serve the thousands of clients that come to the island for pleasure. Brothels must purchase a permit and supply affidavits on their employees, who must submit a monthly medical checkup. El Capitan, formerly known as Seaman’s Club in Philipsburg followed by Defiance Haven, the former dorms of the American University School, and Sunset Retreat (Yellow Building) and Casablanca (White House) by Oyster Pond.

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2. Curacao

12234162495_e7afa7e021_oAt number two, Curacao. Firstly prostitution is legal (Seems like the “in thing” at this point). The country grants a three-month prostitution visa to women/men who wish to work in the sex trade. Women must register as prostitutes with the Vice and Morals Police Department and submit themselves to weekly STD and health checkups. A large open-air brothel called “Le Mirage” or “Campo Alegre” operates near the airport since the 1940s. Curaçao monitors, contains and regulates the industry. The government states that the workers in these establishments must have a safe environment and access to medical services. There are at least 500 foreign women reportedly in prostitution on the island with clients preferring a person of a lighter complexion as oppose to the Afro-Caribbean population of Curaçao, who are considered less desirable by the tourist. The “Happy Camp” does attract some tourists as well as locals, and even welcomes women and couples on Tuesday nights.

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1. Jamaica

326604427_6c7a2ec164_bAnd taking the number one spot, a lot of persons must have figured it out by now, is Jamaica. One of the premier places where Hedonism is promoted, and inspiring the movie and book, “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” shedding light on the issue of female sex tourism in the Caribbean. Jamaica is known for “pom pom”. Some women (Sugar mamas) travel to the islands with the intention of seeking out a holiday fling with a “beach boy,” and local men are more than willing to accommodate them in exchange for gifts or money. Also, the Negril resort was once known as an “anything goes resort” . Guests are encouraged to get wet, naked and wild. Toga parties, nude weddings, and swim-up nude bars are all in play in the land of Reggae. The Hedonism resorts sell day and night passes to adventurous non-guests. Transactional sex is also quite present with women and sometimes underage girls engaging in activities with older men, aka “Sugar Daddies”, where sex is exchanged by the girl for economic benefit, “Chapses”. 


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