PELLAU works with business of all sizes. Here are a few of our clients!

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PELLAU Media Limited is a Business Solutions Agency that believes in entrepreneurship, innovation, youth, T&T and the Caribbean. We want to help businesses to establish and maximise their online presence!

PELLAU sees a future where our people will export Caribbean products and services to the diaspora and to the world. We will help enable a society of wealthy, actualised and happy people ready to participate and thrive in the global digital economy. Every business needs an online presence and we can help with that!

At PELLAU we fight for this future by getting micro, small, medium and large businesses selling to the world, telling their amazing stories and getting paid… online!

PELLAU has been helping businesses in Trinidad and Tobago for over 17 years. With our experience, a world class team and cutting edge technology, PELLAU is here to help you carry your business to the global stage. 

Let’s help your business with your branding, your ecommerce and everything else in-between!

How Can Pellau Media Help Your Business?

We at Pellau Media are your E-Commerce Agency! What does that mean?

Our Services are:

  • Building your online presence. We can design your website along with every other digital touch point for your brand. This includes e-commerce, social media, advertising and the visuals needed to engage your potential customer.
  • Managing your website (add/remove products, check on orders, make adjustments)
  • Marketing/Advertising (Creation of Ad Visuals, Online Ad Management to drive traffic to your new website)
  • Chatbot development (Now that 1000’s of visitors are interested, who’s going to answer all their questions?)
  • Branding/Rebranding (Does your branding work for your new online business? Our team of graphic artists can assist. We can revamp your logo and other visuals)
  • Shipping and Logistics to import your products or raw materials.
  • What other help do you need? We are your partners in this new journey to become an e-commerce success story!


Trusted by top companies nationwide to solve their ecommerce needs. Our experts provide the right solution that can help grow your business. 

PELLAU helps businesses at any stage. Our $850TTD solution is designed to make your dream come true!

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We can help you build a dynamic and efficient online store. With an ecommerce solution, we can help your business to reach a brand new audience. Our company’s goal is to help your business to increase its sales using an online store to attract new customers and increase profits. 

We optimise all online stores for Trinidad and Tobago as well as the rest of the Caribbean by making the checkout process easy for your users.



Get the artistic support you need. We believe that every visual element to your business should be cohesive and be memorable. Your business needs to stand out from the crowd and good branding allows just that!

This includes but is not limited to: logos, flyers, call card design, letter head design, social media content, visual adverts and any visual help your business may need.

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SCIENTIFIC artistic | STRATEGIC unforgettable | we help you tell your STORY | before you say a WORD


Our robust team of experts provide powerful server management that you can rely on to keep your data secure and hardware up to date with zero downtime. We have reliable servers with better performance and faster support.

In the digital age your website needs to be secure! We provide every client with an SSL Certificate, malware protection, firewalls and backups in case of the worst case.

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Proactive Security | SSL Certificate | Backups | Malware Protection 

99% Up-time Guarantee | Disruption Free Upgrades | Custom Solutions