Survival Tips For 2017: Just In Case World War III Breaks Out

Survival Tips For 2017: Just In Case World War III Breaks Out

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Thinking about how bad 2016 was and what we have to look forward to in 2017. Things just don’t seem to be encouraging. Donald J. Trump has become the 45th President of the United States of America, ISIS, Keith Rowley doing a bag of mess, and World War III may be on the brink. What do you do? How will you and your family survive? Well, we are here to help. Here are some “end of the world” survival tips for you.

Auto Mechanic skills


Mechanic©Free for Commercial Use/Flickr

It may be cliché in movies, of some patrons running towards a vehicle and one of them just happens to know how to fix or hot wire that vehicle. But this skill is actually very useful as mobility is very important for survival. Even taking things further… learning how to change your car’s fuel from petrol to vegetable oil can be a great asset.



Straight scale, compasses and map {2}©dewframe*alt -n-anela/Flickr

There might not be electricity nor GPS. How do you know where to go? Make a natural compass, that’s how. There is the stick compass. Placing a stick upright in the ground, and watching how the shadow moves allows you to place stones at certain points to find out where East and West are. Ultimately, this leads to finding north and south. There is also the leaf method as well as a magnetized nail.

Feeding yourself

8129660097_c13bb697b4_kPheasant hunting©m01229/Flickr

Whether using fishing skills, hunting skills, trapping skills, or finding edible plants to eat, nourishment is essential. Mastering these techniques can add to your chances of staying alive. Learn what can be eaten and what cannot. This is called Foraging. Wild game is not that easy to get and there might not be any plants nearby especially in a city. So knowing what your body can digest is a plus.

Defending yourself


Learning self defense©Fort Bragg/Flickr

Knowing how to defend yourself fits the puzzle in an end of the world survival scenario. Self-defense, hand to hand combat should be on your to learn list. Hapkido, Judo, or simple military techniques should be good. Add that to handling a firearm, stripping and cleaning it safely will put you in a pole position.

First Aid

16800384582_b7528920b8_kFirst Aid Kit©DLG Images/Flickr

Injuries are very probable in this type of setting and infections in a chaotic environment adds to the risk. Learning how to treat wounds will be good for you. Educating yourself on natural medicines should and will up your survival ratings significantly. Acquire the skills of making bandages, giving support to damaged limbs, and ways of doing a blood transfusion. Yes, blood transfusions done in bad conditions can make things more complicated, but it can also save a life until better help arrives.

Build a fire


Although it may not be in the jungle, learning to make a fire is a basic skill needed. For temperature control, preparation of food, and warding off wild animals/zombies (Trump supporters) a fire can do wonders.

Having these skill sets will enable you to perform day to day tasks that preserve your life. Remember the key to survival is adaptability. Using whatever is around you for your benefit gives you the ability to become the powerful entity in that environment.

Being Disabled and Having Sex Is Not Taboo

Being Disabled and Having Sex Is Not Taboo

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15540695269_775f5b63a5_k In the Caribbean, there has been a lot of skepticism when it comes to disabled persons. Some still think that having a disability should affect your sexiness, or worse , your aptness for having sex with someone. It is considered wrong and  people who engage in this act are often stared at with pity or horror.

Very often disabled persons are met these questions, “Can you have sex?”, “Do you have sex?” and “How do you have sex?”, but sexual experiences with a disability has its benefits and can put a positive spin on a relationship. Why? It forces a couple to talk, it causes persons to become in tune with their bodies and not only rely on penetration for pleasure (more foreplay). You and your partner get to redefine sexual norms. For example, altering their ideology of what “sexually appealing” is. Couples can develop stimulation through words, thoughts, and touches. This forces persons to move away from all the scenarios that they think are sexy, and  create that sexual experience within that moment, no matter how awkward or different it is.3711073454_6d165d824b_b

Lastly, sex education for disabled teenagers and adults is needed urgently. Schools must jump on board as well as parents, in order to prepare their children for life ahead. In retrospect, the more sexually active disabled people there are in popular culture, the more the negative perceptions of disabled people will change.

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Rules for Having A Threesome

Rules for Having A Threesome

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When considering to have sexual bliss with another person in your relationship, there are many questions that may pop up in your head:

What if your partner starts falling in love with the other person? What if twosome sex gets boring after experiencing the high of a sexual threesome?
What if you finish with the person who is not your partner? What does that say about your relationship?

If you truly want to have a threesome, all your insecurities must be put to rest. So here are some simple rules that you can follow to make things as enjoyable as possible:

1. Don’t pick a friend (Because they won’t be your friend by the end of the year)

2. No Romantic feelings involved (Don’t pick someone who you had or have hidden feelings for)

3. Pick someone together, and build intimacy.

4. Focus on your partner during the event.

5. Bring Alcohol into the equation to get rid of nerves.

6. Stop everything if someone has to leave the room.

7. Don’t be selfish (It’s not about you only)

8. Finish with your partner.

9. The person does not sleep over after everything is done.

10. After a great night of fun, limit communication with the third person. Opposite sexes don’t communicate.

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10 Things You Should Be Thankful For In The 21st Century

10 Things You Should Be Thankful For In The 21st Century

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The technological age. It is amazing to think that 20 years ago, what is now considered the norm, was astronomically futuristic to the point that many thought, we would not have survived beyond 1999. But let’s take a moment in time to say thanks for somethings we have in the 21st Century.

10. WhatsApp


Because the Lord knows that without this, phone bills will be high!





9. Facebook

7272355466_54871a4fe1_kFor the ability to be a Maco and a Bacchanalist without other people knowing that you are.





8. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and YouTube

5209796269_23b3c744ca_bBecause the mainstream media cannot be trusted and half of those Politicians who got caught in some shady mess will still be in power. Not to forget that you can now become a celebrity in your own right.


7. Smartphones

11691958644_22c36d5f52_kTo track my significant other when they not supposed to be in San Juan by their ex and they lying! Yuh got tagged in pics!








6.  BLU

13054204353_0cf9cc263b_kBecause spending $5000 on a smartphone makes no sense.


5. Instagram

7624764146_6eecbb9cf2_kInstagram Models… (Yes they needed to be mentioned by themselves)







4. Job Vacancies

8739101312_2283578b39_kBecause buying a newspaper to check for jobs is tiresome.


3. Waze

14096549911_335d7a521b_bAvoiding Police, when you on yuh last, and your insurance due.









6983545613_a796b98925_k2. Online Shopping

Getting the latest without flying out, although some people playing up in their 7%.

1. Online Business

For the ability to have the business you always dreamed about without paying rent for a commercial space.


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Weird Laws That Govern Some Caribbean Islands

Weird Laws That Govern Some Caribbean Islands

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Society needs laws. Laws help us shape the atmosphere that will benefit humanity in its progression. But what if the laws are downright, plain talk bad manners, dumb? Well, the Caribbean has quite a few to pass around, so here are weird laws that govern some Caribbean Islands.



On the island of Grenada, it is a crime to walk the streets in your swimwear. You will be hit with a fine of $270 USD. So keep the Speedos and bikinis for the beach.

Trinidad and Tobago

105310143_d61f258425_bSome dumb laws on the twin island republic includes, the act of “serious indecency” where an action, other than sexual intercourse (whether natural or unnatural aka dry humping), by a person involving the use of the genital organ for the purpose of arousing or gratifying sexual desire (No front wine basically). Yet, Carnival is celebrated, where arousal may be involved. Not so? Also, to have anal sex is a crime, and not just for the gay community. A heterosexual couple performing this act are basically breaking the law as well.

In addition, if you know someone who is thinking about suicide, they are contemplating committing a crime. Instead of helping a person who has been a victim of a failed suicide attempt, the state can charge the individual with criminal offences such as attempted murder.

Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, and Jamaica

3628571124_acddf54267_oCamouflage wear is quite a popular trend in fashion these days. However, for persons in the above-mentioned countries, it’s a no no. The ban of these garments was enacted in the 1980s to prevent gang members from impersonating soldiers.


2967842560_94c0a62d26_b-1In Cuba, there are a lot of really dumb laws that are enforced on a daily basis. For instance, it is illegal for any restaurant, which is not state owned, to offer lobster on their menu. It is illegal for a man or woman to be seen in public, dressed in garments that are designed to be worn by the opposite sex. You cannot invite a foreigner to spend the night without a permit. The police or migratory authorities can fine the owner of a home if a foreigner is sleeping there without authorization. Purchasing 25 artificial fingernails from abroad violates a law. The Cuban Customs Law Resolution 206 specifically limits the number of artificial nails to 24 units.

St. Kitts


In St. Kitts, along with some other Caribbean Islands, cursing in public is illegal. So if you have to drop an f-bomb, be sure to say fish instead.


143348169_fb86efd4fe_bThe Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries in Belize has implemented a law that requires anyone on a boat equipped for or engaged in the sport of fishing, to have a Sports Fishing License. The keyword being equipped. This means that everyone on the boat must have a Sports Fishing License, not just the fisherman on the boat, but everyone on the boat. Think about it, wives, children, nana, the tour guide or boat captain and deckhands, have to have a license. But here’s the kicker, if you are not in a boat (Wading), you don’t need a license to fish.

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The Best Places For the LBGTQ Community in the Caribbean

The Best Places For the LBGTQ Community in the Caribbean

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It is the 21st Century and humanity is heading into a free-spirited, open-minded consciousness (well for the western world at least. However, the east are making some baby steps though). The Caribbean is known as one of the premiere destinations for fun and relaxation, and for the LBGTQ community, there are some especially fantastic places to visit. So here are the Best Places for LBGTQ in the Caribbean.

St.Martin/St. Marteen/Saba

15136753894_1008ac8281_kBoth French St. Martin and the Dutch side of St. Maarten have been known to welcome the gay and lesbian communities for many years. There are many gay-friendly hotspots for fun which is composed of bars, clubs, beaches, and hotels. Some bars include Eros Club, Tree Lounge at Loterie Farm, and Bliss. There are a number of secluded beaches and private villas where straight and gay couples blend together. Maho Beach has to be mentioned as it is literally at the foot of Princess Juliana Airport’s runway. As planes begin to land you can feel their turbines roar. Also, another popular spot is  Saba, the sister island of St. Maarten. Just a 45-minute ferry ride or 10-minute puddle jumper away, it is known to be the gayest island in all of Caribbean.

KLM landing at SXM, Maho Beach, St Maarten, Oct 2014 ©alljengi/Flickr


26208107762_3065588ff1_kThey are known to be publicly open about welcoming gay and lesbian travelers. The island offers a whole host of resorts such as Hotel Kura Hulanda Spa & Casino, Lodge Kura Hulanda and Beach Club, Avila Hotel, Hilton Curaçao, Floris Suite Hotel, Sunset Waters Beach Resort, Lions Dive & Beach Resort, Papagayo Beach Resort, Habitat Dive Resort / Easy Divers, Waterside Apartments, Caribbean Sea Sports, Flamingo Villa and Coral Estate Villa’s, along with Yellow Tour Info Center. This is a demonstration of their commitment to the LBGTQ community as Explore Curaçao and International Accommodations & Concierge Services became proud members of the IGLTA (International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association).

Curacao   ©Nelo Hotsuma/Flickr

Saint Barthelemy  

6638207103_ac1413741b_bThe beautiful island of Saint Barthelemy also known as St. Barts has to be mentioned in our list as a vacation escape for the gay community. Referred to as “the most gay and lesbian-friendly destination in the Caribbean” by some, the isle has a variety of colourful private villas, glorious beaches, glazed with turquoise-blue waters. St. Barts offers patrons all-nude sunbathing, freedom to hold your partner’s hand without ridicule and if the idea is in the pipeline, you can even get married as a same-sex couple. St Barths is so gay-friendly that it does not have to have a gay scene. (Just think about that for a moment).

IMG_4059 © John M /Flickr

 Puerto Rico 

8511191155_ac0a6eb51d_kCelebrated as “the Caribbean’s only real gay nightlife scene”, Puerto Rico, mainly in San Juan, gives visitors the opportunity to have the time of their lives. Highlights include the Atlantic Beach Hotel and Bar , which is set on a gay beach and with a weekly drag show. Clubs like Eros The Club adds to the nightlife adventure. You can even venture out to the island of Vieques where you can find gay-friendly resorts. Gay travelers to Puerto Rico have the benefit of protection by U.S. anti-discrimination laws, including the U.S. Supreme Court ruling for legalizing same-sex marriage.

 Puerto Rico © Lee Cannon/Flickr


U.S. Virgin Islands — St. Croix,

6715954791_b8a8b2a736_bNext, we move to the U.S. Virgin Islands. These islands have a friendly and tolerant attitude throughout, and if persons are uncomfortable with public displays of affection, the reaction is not likely to be more than a second glance. In the Virgin Islands, U.S. Laws protect persons from discrimination and also make same-sex marriages legal.

St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands© Jenn Kahalau Photography/Flickr



25516356104_a916fc56ee_kThis gay-friendly island is known to have a great LBGTQ community. The Bucuti and Tara Beach Resorts are among several hotels and resorts that welcome tourists with open arms as well as the gay-owned Little David Guesthouse just to name two. You must check out  Jimmy’s Placein Oranjestad, which is the island’s premier gay bar (never a dull moment). The island celebrates its diversity openly and fully. Just the way it should be.

Aruba Flamingos © David Stanley/Flickr

And if you wish to explore other destinations in the Caribbean, please be aware that countries such as Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Saint Lucia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Trinidad and Tobago have laws where being gay is a crime.

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Blue Bay – Curacao © Frank Jania/Flickr