10 Unique Gifts for Christmas

10 Unique Gifts for Christmas

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Everyone has been at this point. Not knowing what to get someone for Christmas. They seem to have everything or seem not to need anything. Well, let’s help you out with 10 unique gifts you can get someone for Christmas.

10. Staple-less Staplers

staple-less-staplersWhen you wish to stick pieces of paper together without ever worrying about having enough staples to get the job done, this is for you. A device that punches a small hole into the papers and places a tab to stick them together.


9. Yours Mine and Ours Decanter Set

yours-mine-and-ours-decanter-setIf you know someone who takes a sip occasionally, here is a fun decanter set that can be a really great gift to give. It has the words Yours and Mine on the two glasses, and the word Ours on the bottle. Great gift for a loved one.


 8. Toothpaste Tube Wringer

toothpaste-tube-wringerFor that cost effective aka cheap person in your circle. The Toothpaste Tube Wringer gets every cent out of the tube. They will never have to cut the tube or squeeze the life out the tube again. And here is a bonus, no annoying flappy Toothpaste tubes either.

7. 3D Printing Pen

3d-printing-penGreat for art enthusiasts, this gift allows a person to create things at their own leisure. For the artsy person you know, having a pen that emits a sort of gel that hardens on the spot. Trust us, it will drive them to ecstasy.

6. Oil-Free Air Fryer

oil-free-air-fryerLosing weight and eating right can be hard, especially with the great taste of fried food. Let’s help you out with this device that can fry food without the use of oil. Yes, it is real. Remember we’re in the 21st century. Less fat and great taste, the perfect gift for a foodie.

 5. Personalized Mixtape Pillow

personalized-mixtape-pillowFor the music fans out there, having a pillow that resembles a mixtape from back in the 80’s and early 90’s will be exciting.  The best part is that it is personalized so whatever you want it to say it will say.


 4. Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator

automatic-cordless-tire-inflatorInstead of having to go to the gas station to inflate your tires, you can do it in the comfort of your home, or even at the side of the road. You’ll never have to worry about a deflated spare tire again. This gift will give a person peace of mind. It’s cordless and works without having to pump anything.

3. Take What You Need Inspiration Box

take-what-you-need-inspiration-boxEver woke up in a bad mood, or have you ever lacked the ability to spark ideas? Well if you know someone like that, this is the gift for them. A box full of inspiring coins, and ideas to motivate them throughout the day. Centered around love, hope, strength, or any other pick me up, they will always have that inspiration within them.

2. Self Emptying Robotic Vacuum

self-emptying-robotic-vacuumCleaning can be tedious and annoying. But you’re in the 21st century, you can have a robot do it for you. The self-cleaning Robotic Vacuum can help out mom, granny, even you. The best part is, it empties itself, so no back breaking dumping of dust.

 1. Coca-Cola Vending Fridge

coca-cola-vending-fridgeWant that retro kind of feel to your kitchen? Or does someone need a fridge for his man cave? Here’s the perfect fit. A Coca-Cola Vending fridge that will dispense things without the use of coins. You can pretend that friends need to insert money somewhere and make some pocket change #FighttheRecession.

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Marijuana To be Legal By The End Of The Year In Jamaica

Marijuana To be Legal By The End Of The Year In Jamaica

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14875946061_ff6a3a0385_kJamaica is widely known as the place where you are supposed to roll a blunt and enjoy the vibes. But the substance is still illegal on the island. The Chairman of Jamaica’s Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA), Hyacinth Lightbourne has announced that authority hopes to supply conditional licenses by the end of 2016. These licenses will allow persons to  grow and process marijuana for medicinal, therapeutic, research and development purposes.

Lightbourne has stated that 89 applications for licenses have been received thus far . Of the 89,  25 are cultivators, 18 have applied for processing, 14 for research and development, 8 for transportation, and 24 for retailing.

She said, “After all the paperwork has been submitted, we have to evaluate the information given as well as conduct a thorough background check on the applicants.”

The process of being issued a license includes the CLA, who consults with key partners and agencies such as the Financial Investigation Division, Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA), Ministry of National Security, doing a background check where the applicant has to implement the certain measures in order to enter the industry. Growers must show their right to use the land on which they will be conducting cultivation of the crop, while transport operators must show proof of ownership or certified evidence of their permitted use of vehicles which they plan to transport their product.

The CLA organization was formed in 2015 through the Dangerous Drug Amendment Act, (DDA)  to establish the much-anticipated marijuana and hemp industry in Jamaica.

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How To Keep Your Home From Foreclosing

How To Keep Your Home From Foreclosing

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3993310255_273389be94_oWe all have had some kind of experience with it. Whether it being a friend, co-worker, family member or even your own experience, the foreclosure of a home is present in everyday life. Yet, what if I told you that there is a way to delay a foreclosure.

It begins with understanding the foreclosure process. So what is foreclosure? It is a legal process in which a person who has a mortgage on his/her property fails to pay their monthly installments after a period of time. This results in the mortgage being evicted and the estate sold to recover monies owed. Foreclosure happens for the following reasons, failing to make payments on the loan, transferring ownership of your property without the bank’s or mortgage lender’s consent while still paying off the debt, or violating documented terms of the loan.

The expenditure covered includes the balance of the mortgage, costs of collecting the added debt , and what was spent in foreclosing the property. In the event, the property is not purchased at a certain price, it will become the lender’s. Note, there has to be a certain amount of time as well as a certain amount of payments missed in order for the foreclosure process to start. If you miss the first payment, the bank or lender will send you a 30-day late. A representative from the bank or lender will call or send you a notice in the mail for the missed payment. If you continue to miss mortgage payments, you will be sent a 60-day late, then if missed again a 90-day late. By the 90-day late mark, the bank or lender will send a “Notice of Default”. The NOD will state that you have 30 days to make the payment current, appear in court, or face the risk of a foreclosure. If you fail to appear in court within 30 days or make your payments current, the court will rule in the favor of the lender, and schedule an auction to sell your home within 7 days. But what does it take to delay the foreclosure?2395303251_773c98489e_b

You have 4 options, a forbearance plan, a partial claim, pre-foreclosure sale, and a deed in lieu of foreclosure. A forbearance plan is a payment plan created by the lender to make it easier for payments to be made or even suspend payments temporary until your situation becomes current again.

A partial claim is when the bank allows the mortgagee or borrower to advance funds to the mortgagor in the form of a promissory note. This is a written agreement which states that you will have to pay a certain amount by a certain date. So long as you are not delinquent over 12 months. This will if followed properly, bring your mortgage payments current. It acts as a second mortgage behind your existing one that collects no interest and is not due until you pay off your first mortgage or sell your home.

Next, there is the pre-foreclosure sale which is a short sale that helps you avoid a foreclosure, but at the risk of selling your home. The sale might most likely go for much less than what the property is worth but can still save you some expenses. Lastly, there is the deed in lieu of foreclosure. This allows you to sell your home back to the bank that financed your mortgage. It is a great way to avoid the foreclosure process but you will lose your home nevertheless. Now you know what it takes to delay a foreclosure with a bank. I hope brighter days are ahead for you.

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