10 Great Uses For Your Old Android Smartphones

10 Great Uses For Your Old Android Smartphones

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So you got a new phone for Christmas, and you look around your room to find a few other phones lying around. You can sell them, or give them away to friends and family, but there are some better ideas for your cast-away devices.

10. Gym/Exercise device


60©Fit Approch/Flickr

If you are a gym or exercise enthusiast, you can convert your old smartphone into your very own fitness buddy. Download apps, centered around getting and keeping yourself in shape. Great fitness apps such as Map my Fitness, Workout Trainer, and JEFIT will do the job.


9. GPS for your car

Let’s admit it, we don’t always know where we are going. So loading up your phone with mapping apps like Citymapper, Google Maps, and Waze will make you look like an expert tour guide. And seeing that it is not your primary phone anymore you won’t be interrupted by phone calls or notifications.


8. TV remote control

6. TV remote control

Can’t find your remote? We got a special use for your old smartphone for that. If your smartphone has an infrared emitter, you are set. Download a TV remote app and there you go… a universal remote.




espensorvik / Flickr Creative Commons



7. Alarm clock
A simple use for the device. Purchase a cheap smartphone dock, and place it right by your bedside and viola… you have an alarm clock.




Silhouette of an Alarm Clock©Ze’ve Barkan/Flickr



6. Media centre


Windows 10 Battlestation – Side©Brett Morrison/Flickr

Make it into your entertainment center. A Chromecast streaming device or a micro USB-to-HDMI cable, with Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Spotify, and Pandora apps. Not to mention games, and music.



5.  Digital photo frame

4045880239_3671bf64c6_ohailey strawberry©digipam/Flickr

Turn your smartphone into a digital photo frame with great memories stored away. With apps like Dayframe you can scroll through those moments in time.



8524443211_8f70acde38_k4. Baby monitor

Have a new one in the home? Apps like Dormi, and Baby Monitor can transform your device into a baby monitor, streaming video and audio to your current device.




Through the baby monitor©Wade Armstrong/Flickr



3. Dashcam


Dashcam©Chris Krahe/Flickr

Place the phone on a mount on the car dashboard, with the camera facing outside. You have just created your life saver in case of insurance (in terms of witnessing an accident, in order to make a claim).



2. Wi-Fi extender


Boost the WiFi signal throughout your house with apps like fqrouter2, which takes the signal and repeats it. It will require you to root the device for it to work though.

1. Emergency phone


Amber Alert©Tony Webster/Flickr

For those times when everything seems to be going wrong. If any mishaps occur with your primary phone then you will have something to keep you up and going.

Have A Very Merry Kinky Christmas?

Have A Very Merry Kinky Christmas?

Culture, Entertainment, Sex and Relationships

You are in a committed relationship. No kids, just your partner and you. What do you do for Christmas? Christmas is not just for kids and it can be made to be a very enjoyable holiday, with a whole lot of Ho, ho, ho’s and a special candy cane going down a chimney. So let’s give you a hand to have a Very Merry Kinky Christmas.

Dress up like a sexy Santa and Mrs. Claus and have fun

4186381978_8c2ff92b71_bAll wrapped up and ready to go©istolethetv/Flickr

There is a whole industry dedicated to Christmas lingerie. Role playing is a must, with one of you being naughty and the other even naughtier.  In case you didn’t already know, just the color red gets us horny.



Use bells during playtime


Thirty bells©Larry Lamb/Flickr

This can be really enjoyable. Imagine hearing bells jingling while Santa rides his slay.


Make a customized sexy Christmas card


DSCF6952e©Davis Mosans/Flickr

Make a card with really sexy pictures, or a really dirty letter of what you wish to do to your partner. Just make sure that it is stored in a place where only they can have access to it. Don’t want granny coming and getting a glimpse into your dirty mind.



Give your partner a sexy pinup calendar featuring you


Curves©The Aura/Flickr

Get 12 really sexy pictures of you and create a calendar for the next year. You can even mix it up with photos of you and your honey in suggestive positions.



Play the Mistletoe game


Lips©Alexis O’Toole/Flickr

Never heard of the mistletoe game? It’s simple, one of you is blindfolded and you throw the mistletoe on your partner’s body. Wherever it lands you must kiss for five seconds. The partner that is enjoying the kiss can move the mistletoe and have fun in the process. Remember to switch after 30 mins.



Play “Sexmas”


Kiss ©Fraser Mummery/Flickr

Christmas time is the time when you visit family, friends and enjoy different types of foods. So here is a game you can play. Sexmas, where you must have sex in every house you visit. How do you do it? That’s totally up to you. The bathroom is always a good spot. But you cannot get caught. If you are, then the game is over.



Superheroes from the Caribbean

Superheroes from the Caribbean

Entertainment, Film

Now, of course, we know Television series such as The Flash, Supergirl, and Gotham are controlling the superhero industry (in T.V. land) at the moment, but persons within our shores are actually developing their own franchises. So Pellau Magazine got a hold of two Caribbean trailblazers who have taken strides to develop their own unique brand of Superheroes.

Firstly Ancil Harris, the actor, director, illustrator, producer, and owner of Ville Ventures Production Company , from Trinidad and Tobago is currently filming his T.V. series based on the comic, Tarsin (developed by him). Tarsin is a vigilante, dedicated to protecting the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. The series is said to take flight in 2017.  You can check out the comic at https://villeventures.com/2016/11/19/ville-ventures-comics-will-launch-3-comics-in-january/

tarsin-2_4img-20161013-wa0019 img-20161003-wa0005 img-20161013-wa0014 img-20160920-wa0014 img-20160930-wa0008

And the other “Stan Lee” in the making is Albert Pierre. Pierre alongside, Sean Francis and Daniel Pond created the Caribbean’s first Team of Superheroes called Caribbean Justice. This story was created around many non-fictional aspects of Caribbean Culture. The characters are based off real life historical Caribbean Personality. You can check out their developments at http://www.superdominica.com/?v=57cc8dae6a85


Photos Courtesy:

Ville Ventures Film Company

Super Dominica Universe